Month: January 2020

  • Microsoft releases new Edge browser based on Chrome

    Announced around a year ago, Microsoft today released their brand-new version of Edge – the default web browser since the Windows 10 release.

    The new Edge browser is based on Google’s Chromium project. Chromium is the “base” software that Google builds the Chrome browser on.

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  • Solid Tools for Developers gets a refresh

    It’s been over a year since the last update to Solid Tools for Developers – my suite of online tools for developers, system admins and network managers.

    Yesterday I published my latest release to which gives the suite a fresh makeover and a few improvements to the tools.

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  • Please don’t let my kids and I cross the road

    For my first blog post of 2020, I thought I’d share one of my challenges of being a parent to the boys and a 5-year old Labrador called Mickey: crossing the road.

    Our local estate is generally quiet for traffic, so crossing the road is usually uneventful. As you’d expect, there are times we have to wait for a passing car before we can cross. I’m constantly re-enforcing to the boys that they must wait until the road is clear of cars before they cross.

    Which means when someone stops and waves us across the road in front of them, whilst it is a kind act, it does irritate me.

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