It’s been over a year since the last update to Solid Tools for Developers – my suite of online tools for developers, system admins and network managers.

Yesterday I published my latest release to which gives the suite a fresh makeover and a few improvements to the tools.


  • Improved the display of the application on mobile phones
  • Added all tools to a new top-level menu “All the Tools”
  • Updated the supplier logos to include Fasthosts and ClouDNS
  • All third-party libraries upgraded to latest releases (Laravel, Bootstrap, VueJS)


  • The dig tool (DNS record lookup) now allows searching for PTR records
  • Pre-select a type of record using the query-string “?type=X” where X is the record type (e.g. A, AAAA, TXT) – great for setting up bookmarks!


  • The ping tool now always uses IPv4 if IPv4 is selected, even if an IPv6 record is available

What Is My IP?

  • Improved the reliability and display of the What Is My IP tool
  • Added a Help page for this tool

Check out the improved Solid Tools for Developers at

Solid Tools for Developers has been re-launched with a brand new look for 2020.