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  • Re-imagineering the event in Simply Remind Me

    Rapidly approaching 500 new users this year, my free email and simple text message reminder app – Simply Remind Me – is earning a loyal following in the world.

    In July, I had 131 new users that have signed up in 2023.  As of today, I’ve trebled this to 466.

    All of these new users are bringing great suggestions and feedback – particularly from a competitor’s service that stopped working earlier this year.

    I’m rolling all this feedback and suggestions into a complete overhaul of the “event experience” which I’m excited to preview today.

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  • Simply Remind Me’s Year in Numbers

    I’ve added a new feature to the website for Simply Remind Me – my free email and simple text reminder app. The website now shows live statistics, read directly from the Simply Remind Me platform.

    The statistics show the number of new users, events created, reminders sent and the number of unique timezones the app has users registered in – since the start of 2023.

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  • Simply Remind Me April 2023 update

    I’ve today released a major new version of my free email reminder app and simple text and phone call reminder app, Simply Remind Me.

    This release has been nearly 4 months in the making and introduces some new features I’m excited to deliver to you, and some important bug fixes.

    This article describes the new features and enhancements that are now live in Simply Remind Me.

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  • New credit pricing for Simply Remind Me

    It seems like everyone is suffering from rising costs and unfortunately my applications are no exception. My payment gateway is raising their fees for both UK and international cards, which means I’ve had to rethink my pricing for Simply Remind Me – my free email reminder app and simple text and call reminder app.

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  • Simply Remind Me: an apology about SMS reminders

    Today, 14th May, I discovered that SMS messages sent from my Simply Remind Me app since 1st March were not being delivered by my SMS provider.

    Because they were successfully accepted by the gateway, Simply Remind Me correctly deducted the credits from your account. But the messages failed to arrive at their intended handsets.

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  • New version of Simply Remind Me now available

    Earlier this week, I gave a sneak preview of version 3 of Simply Remind Me – my free e-mail and simple SMS reminders app.

    The new version is now live and ready to welcome new and existing users.

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  • Sneak Preview of Simply Remind Me, version 3

    It’s been four years since the last update to Simply Remind Me – my free e-mail and SMS (text message) reminders app. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, sign-ups have increased significantly. It’s therefore a perfect time for a refresh and an update.

    This blog post shows you a preview of the new-look Simply Remind Me – version 3 – launching soon.

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  • Simply Remind Me: my first SaaS application

    It’s rare for commercial software developers, such as myself, to get to use the software we write. We rely on our users to report problems or suggest new features for the applications we develop.

    Therefore when I read about a PHP development framework (Laravel) that looked so interesting I just had to try it out, I came up with the idea of an application where you tell it all the dates that are important to you, and it will send you e-mail or SMS text messages when those dates are coming up.

    And so… Simply Remind Me was born.

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