It seems like everyone is suffering from rising costs and unfortunately my applications are no exception. My payment gateway is raising their fees for both UK and international cards, which means I’ve had to rethink my pricing for Simply Remind Me – my free email reminder app and simple text and call reminder app.

However, it’s not all bad news. Last year I switched to ClickSend as my SMS gateway after I had issues with TextLocal. Their different billing model has allowed me to offer more credits for the same price.

Although the smallest pack you can purchase increased from £1.00 to £1.20, you will receive more credits and therefore better value across all credit packs.

I have also introduced a new pack (Extreme) which gives you 512 credits and the best ever price per credit of just 6p!

You can find the difference in the pricing below.

Credit packPrevious # of creditsNew # of creditsPrevious priceNew price
10p per credit
7.5p per credit
9.4p per credit
7.5p per credit
9p per credit
7p per credit
8p per credit
7p per credit
6.9p per credit
6.2p per credit
6p per credit

The new pricing is now live on Simply Remind Me.

If you’ve not already tried by free email reminders app, create your free account here

If you already use it but have never tried the text reminders or unique phone call reminders, check out the credit packs here.