Announced around a year ago, Microsoft today released their brand-new version of Edge – the default web browser since the Windows 10 release.

The new Edge browser is based on Google’s Chromium project. Chromium is the “base” software that Google builds the Chrome browser on.

Chrome easily has the biggest market share of all browsers. You can see this in 2019 browser statistics – Stat Counter (63%) and W3 Counter (56%) for example. Microsoft want a piece of that. Satya Nadella identified one of the issues to Edge’s adoption has been availability. Edge was previously only available on Windows 10.

The biggest benefit to Microsoft of the new Chromium-based Edge is that it is now cross-platform (save for Linux.) It runs on Windows (10, 8.1, 8 and 7), Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

The newly-released Edge browser sports a brand-new image.

Head on over to the Microsoft Edge site to download the new browser – complete with new logo. You can also get it right now from the iOS and Android app stores.

The Verge has an interesting write-up on the collaboration between Microsoft and Google on the project.