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  • Re-imagineering the event in Simply Remind Me

    Rapidly approaching 500 new users this year, my free email and simple text message reminder app – Simply Remind Me – is earning a loyal following in the world.

    In July, I had 131 new users that have signed up in 2023.  As of today, I’ve trebled this to 466.

    All of these new users are bringing great suggestions and feedback – particularly from a competitor’s service that stopped working earlier this year.

    I’m rolling all this feedback and suggestions into a complete overhaul of the “event experience” which I’m excited to preview today.

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  • Simply Remind Me: an apology about SMS reminders

    Today, 14th May, I discovered that SMS messages sent from my Simply Remind Me app since 1st March were not being delivered by my SMS provider.

    Because they were successfully accepted by the gateway, Simply Remind Me correctly deducted the credits from your account. But the messages failed to arrive at their intended handsets.

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  • Manage software package upgrades on Linux with NodeBeagle

    Updates for devices running the Linux operating system come in the form of packages. Using the Linux system’s package manager, you install new packages and upgrade them as new versions are released.

    Now sure you can log onto each Linux device and run apt update && apt upgrade, or dnf update, depending on your distribution. But what if you have several – even hundreds – of devices to keep updated? And how do you know what new updates are available?

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  • Upgrading an application from Bootstrap 4 to 5

    Over the past few weeks I’ve migrated my website to a new content management system – ExpressionEngine.

    I took the opportunity to upgrade my website’s front-end technologies to their latest releases – Bootstrap 5 and VueJS 3, for example.

    This post documents some of the changes I came across migrating Bootstrap 4 to 5.

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  • Microsoft releases new Edge browser based on Chrome

    Announced around a year ago, Microsoft today released their brand-new version of Edge – the default web browser since the Windows 10 release.

    The new Edge browser is based on Google’s Chromium project. Chromium is the “base” software that Google builds the Chrome browser on.

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