Florida is my go-to destination for a holiday. I’ve been several times since our honeymoon in 2012 and yet I still manage to find something new to see or do each time. When I fly into MCO airport and walk through the stunning atrium, I know I’m back in my happy place!

Whether you’ve never been before, or are going for the 20th time, this is a list of the top 10 things to do in Florida that I think will make your visit that little bit more memorable.

(Spoiler alert: Disney features a lot!)

10. Ride Splash Mountain in the dark

Splash Mountain is a water ride featuring steep drops and splashes that live up to its name. You’ll splash along to the catchy tune and eagle-eyed watch of the characters from Br’er Rabbit.

You won’t get off Splash Mountain dry, especially if you’re sat at the front, which makes this a great ride to cool down on.

But, did you know, it’s really eerie to ride it after dark? I recommend you head to Splash around the time the fireworks start. Yes, you’ll miss the show (you can catch it another night, right?) but the queue will be much, much shorter.

If you’re feeling brave, you may even be lucky enough to walk off and walk straight back on again – several times!

Splash Mountain is a ride based around the characters of Brer Patch – Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear.

9. Get a photo with a Disney character

Throughout Disney’s parks are numerous “character spots.” At given times of the day, you’ll find a Disney character here with a PhotoPass photographer just waiting to take your picture.

If you have an autograph book (or you’re carrying one for your child; obviously it’s not yours) hand it to the character and they will sign it for you.

A great experience for kids. And service dogs.

Photo courtesy of Laura Allen. Original source.

8. Strike Superman poses in The Fearless River

Volcano Bay is Universal Studios’ newest park. It first opened its crater in 2017.

The Fearless River is like a lazy river, without the lazy! It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s mandatory to wear a life jacket to ride it.

When you don your life jacket and enter the mainstream river, roll onto your front like you’re about to start doing front crawl.

Kick your legs back and stick one arm out front and the other back. Keep your head up and let the current propel you around the volcano like the superhero you are!

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