Google is the registry behind the new .dev TLD – the ultimate vanity domain for developers.

The .dev extension has historically been used by developers fudging their host files to create realistic-looking development environments. Now, .dev is open in Early Access Preview to allow the world to register their .dev domains.

It’s actually been open all week, but the prices were astronomical – starting at $12,000 at the beginning of the week! That price has been dropping as the week has gone on and will continue to do so until the official release on February 28th. As of today (February 24th) it’s currently at $403 (via Namecheap.)

It’s worth noting that all .dev domains must be accessible over HTTPS – meaning you’ll need a valid SSL certificate for your new .dev.

Get yours today from:

…amongst others. Check out the full list of registrars that have signed up to sell .dev domains on

UPDATE 27th February:

4pm tomorrow (UK time) marks the launch of the .dev TLD. Check out the full timings and price drops in the screenshot below.

Google have been running a Dutch auction style scheme for the 9 days prior to .dev’s full public launch.