After I finish work on a Friday, I like to reflect on the week that’s been. Whether it’s in the car on the way home, or with a glass of wine later in the evening, I think about what we* did well, what we could do better – and what was just a complete disaster.

(* when I say “we”, I mean the awesome group of people I work with at Premier Software.)

This week has been a rollercoaster at complete opposites of the scale.

I started the week on a huge high – it was the official launch day of Salon by Premier Software – our new software application for the hair and beauty industry – a project that has dominated my life for nearly 18 months.

We secured our first customer of the new system very quickly, and feedback from other prospects was really positive.

By mid-week I was at the lowest I’ve felt for a long time. For the first time in my 14-year career, I had to let a co-worker go. I was struggling with some teething issues with the new software launch and there seemed to be a general air of negativity around the office that was causing me to lose focus and motivation.

Not getting anywhere, I switched off. I closed my emails, silenced my phone and focused on the one thing that was troubling me the most: the teething issues. Within a few hours, me and a colleague had resolved the issues and installed an update for our “pilot” customer.

Happy days. Now pass the wine…