It’s 3 years to the day since I made the first commit to what would become Blue Twilight – my open-source PHP photo gallery.

Today I’m delighted to announce the availability of Blue Twilight Cloud.

Blue Twilight Cloud allows you to run your own photo gallery as an alternative to sharing your photos on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

It is an adapted version of Blue Twilight that has been specially designed to work in the cloud. You don’t need any servers, web hosting or technical know-how. When you create a gallery, you get a dedicated instance of Blue Twilight just for you.

Don’t know your PHP from your Apache? No worries – my platform installs Blue Twilight for you, and I’ll install the updates – so you don’t have to lift a finger.

I provide the platform – you provide the photos!

New website for Blue Twilight

Along with the launch of Blue Twilight Cloud, there is also a new website dedicated completely to Blue Twilight.

I registered the domain in August 2017 when I first had the idea to offer Blue Twilight as a cloud-based system.

It has taken me 2 years to complete this project, but I’m delighted to launch it today.

You can register for your own cloud gallery – or download the software to run on your own servers or hosting – over at

Future of Blue Twilight

You may be wondering how the launch of Blue Twilight Cloud will affect the original Blue Twilight PHP photo gallery.

  • Have I ceased development of it?
  • Will you still be able to download it?

Absolutely not, and of course!

The original Blue Twilight gallery remains – and will remain – the basis for the cloud platform. New development will take place on Blue Twilight and be adapted for the cloud in future releases of the platform.

Blue Twilight will always remain an open-source project.