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Please don’t let my kids and I cross the road

I started blogging about our journey to adopt our two young boys back in 2017. Some day I may finish the story.For my first blog post of 2020, I thought I’d share one of my challenges of being a parent to the boys and a 5-year old Labrador called Mickey: crossing the road.Since the boys moved in 18 months ago, I’ve always encouraged them to come with me on Mickey’s walks. The youngest started coming in a pushchair, and both are now walking, but they still came. It teaches them the…

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My journey to parenthood – part 2

My second post in a series of articles about James and my adoption journey is our experience of the first day of “prep group training.” You can read part 1 here.A few days ago we turned up at the Halesowen Barnardo’s office for day 1 of three days of prep group training – a course that’s designed to provide the information, explanation and tools we will need as adoptive parents – not just to get through the adoption journey, but for the life of our future children.When we went…

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My journey to parenthood – part 1

This series of posts is an insight into the world of adoption from the viewpoint of a same-sex, male couple. I decided to publish our story for a number of reasons: 1) because I’m a private individual and rather than talk to people, sometimes it’s easier to put it into writing. 2) to help others who are thinking about going through the process, and 3) so we have something written down to show our future children how they came into our lives.This is the first in hopefully a number of posts…

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