Simply Remind Me: free e-mail & SMS reminders

Stay on top of the important things with free, simple and effective e-mail & SMS reminders from Simply Remind Me.

Modern day life is complicated, made up of many things to remember. Furthermore, forgetting one of these things could lead to consequences: fines. If only there was a free reminders service that could send you e-mail and SMS reminders for the important things you can’t afford to forget.

Enter: Simply Remind Me. My free to use web-based application with no subscription fees and no hidden charges. Simply free reminders!


Free e-mail reminders

Simply Remind Me sends e-mail reminders at a date and time that is most convenient for you. Therefore this allows you to action something (car insurance renewal, for example) at a time when you are least likely to forget, or be focusing on something else.

What’s more, you can set up multiple reminders or press “remind me again” if the reminder is inconvenient first time around.


SMS reminders (text message reminders)

Widely published research suggests SMS marketing campaigns are more effective, and reach more people quicker, than e-mail campaigns.

This doesn’t just apply to marketing. Simply Remind Me’s SMS reminders (text message reminders) are extremely effective when sent at just the right time.

Simply Remind Me allows you to set your reminder time to the nearest 5 minutes. This makes it perfect to get a reminder to buy a birthday card just before you leave the office.


Share something you’re looking forward to

Going on holiday soon? Excited about Christmas? Let everyone know about it with public countdown pages from Simply Remind Me.

Create a reminder for your big day, and tick the “make this event public” box. You’ll be glad you did!

You can create beautiful pages to share with your friends. Customise your page by uploading a background image, adding some text, and set your preferred countdown type – months, days, hours or total days.

Screenshot of public countdown pages for events created with Simply Remind Me: free reminders by e-mail & SMS.
Create beautiful countdown pages to share your event with your friends.


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