Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Blue Twilight?

I’ve always loved the time of day when the sun has set, but the night-time hasn’t yet begun. The air is so still, it’s difficult to work out if it is day or night, and there is an eerie atmosphere. The natural lighting of the sky and fallen dark in the land also provide an amazing contrast for stunning photographs.

Blue Twilight was originally going to be called just “Twilight”, after my love of this period of time. It was only whilst I was researching this natural phenomenon that I discovered it has a name – Blue Hour.

Thereafter I combined the two and came up with Blue Twilight.


How much does it cost?

Blue Twilight is open-source and therefore free in both senses of the word – it costs absolutely nothing (zip, zero, nada) to download and use, and you are free to modify it to suit your needs and re-distribute it – subject to the licensing conditions.


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