Apple release macOS Big Sur… but can you get it?

Apple today released the biggest update to macOS in recent years.

It’s so big in fact, it no longer carries the OS X (version 10) moniker it has carried since the early 2000s. No sur; Big Sur carries an all-new version 11.

The OS update clocks in at 12.1GB on my 2016 MacBook Pro - a hefty update that appears to have broken Apple’s update servers shortly after it was released. Not a great look for Apple.

Screenshot of Apple's tatus page
Apple’s system status page states that "some users" "may not be able to download macOS Software Updates..."

Whilst the status page states that “some users” may be unable to download updates, my own Mac is one of them. Users are reporting outages on DownDetector for a multitude of Apple services, including Music, TV and both the App Store and Apple Store services.

Screenshot of Down Detector
Users are reporting several Apple services are suffering on Big Sur’s release day.

UPDATE: Apple’s status page is now reporting the issue was resolved at 9:15 GMT.

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