January 2020

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Microsoft releases new Edge browser based on Chrome

Announced around a year ago, Microsoft today released their brand-new version of Edge – the default web browser since the Windows 10 release.The new Edge browser is based on Google’s Chromium project. Chromium is the “base” software that Google builds the Chrome browser on.Chrome easily has the biggest market share of all browsers. You can see this in 2019 browser statistics – Stat Counter (63%) and W3 Counter(56%) for example. Microsoft want a piece of that. Satya Nadella identified…

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Solid Tools for Developers gets a refresh

It’s been over a year since the last update to Solid Tools for Developers – my suite of online tools for developers, system admins and network managers.Yesterday I published my latest release to soliddevtools.com which gives the suite a fresh makeover and a few improvements to the tools.GeneralImproved the display of the application on mobile phonesAdded all tools to a new top-level menu “All the Tools”Updated the supplier logos to include Fasthosts and ClouDNSAll third-party libraries…

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Please don’t let my kids and I cross the road

I started blogging about our journey to adopt our two young boys back in 2017. Some day I may finish the story.For my first blog post of 2020, I thought I’d share one of my challenges of being a parent to the boys and a 5-year old Labrador called Mickey: crossing the road.Since the boys moved in 18 months ago, I’ve always encouraged them to come with me on Mickey’s walks. The youngest started coming in a pushchair, and both are now walking, but they still came. It teaches them the…

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