October 2018

All articles published in October 2018.

Variable declaration can be inlined – C#

It’s almost two years since I published the post on the Visual Studio IDE information message: “delegate invocation can be simplified.”It is now the second most visited article on my blog!While reviewing some error messages in a new MVC project, I recently learnt something equally as simple and eye-opening. This time, the suggestion is:IDE0018 Variable declaration can be inlinedAs a software developer, you’ll likely recognise the following pattern to declare and initialise a variable:int…

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Website maintenance: 16/17th October

My new hosting provider (blog post on that coming soon!) has notified me of 2 maintenance windows next week:16th October, 22:00 – 02:0017th October, 00:00 – 00:30The first window specifically targets the VPS platform, and will see my server powered down and migrated to new infrastructure.The second window will see an upgrade to the core network adding additional capacity and DDOS protection.This outage will affect:andysh.ukphotos.andysh.ukapps.andysh.uk (web and git…

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