September 2017

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Daughtry performs Demons in The Passion

Earlier this week, I couldn’t sleep. So I did what I normally do when I can’t sleep – I watch music videos on YouTube.The first video in my “here’s what YouTube wants you to watch” list caught my eye. I immediately thought I had missed a piece of new music from one of my favourite artists of the last 10 years: Chris Daughtry.However, as I watched it, I quickly realised two things:It’s Chris Daughtry performing the Imagine Dragon’s hit – Demons (one of my current favourite…

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Upload photos to Blue Twilight PHP photo gallery from your new iPhone

Buying the new iPhone that Apple will announce today? Interested in photography?Did you know that you can capture a photo and upload it straight into your Blue Twilight photo gallery directly from your new iPhone or iPad device.First Method – direct upload into an albumLogin to your Blue Twilight photo gallery and tap the “Manage” link in the navigation bar. On mobile devices, tap the “hamburger” button to show all menu options.Tap the “Album” link in the “Manage”…

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