“Explosions” at Manchester Arena following Ariana Grande concert

A reported 19 concert-goers attending an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester have been killed following an explosion in a foyer area within the arena.

Greater Manchester Police are treating the incident as terrorism.

Transport links in and out of Manchester are disrupted, with Manchester Victoria station evacuated and trains not arriving or leaving this station.

For the latest news, Manchester Evening News seem to have the most up-to-date coverage – check out their live updates.

If you’re in the area and need a place of safety, check out the hashtag #RoomForManchester on Twitter.

If you’re missing someone (especially a child/young adult) try the Holiday Inn Manchester – 0161 836 9600 – or the Premier Inn at Manchester Arena, as a number of children have been taken there for their safety.

Some taxi drivers are offering free lifts away from the area, but beware of those who are cashing in!

Stay safe!


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